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Kingston Teachers

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Email Address

Phone Number

Iva Austin Kindergarten 759-2553
Staci Chauvin Kindergarten 759-2552
Holly Doyal Kindergarten 759-2556
Tiffani Maddox Kindergarten 759-2555
Hannah Mitchell Kindergarten 759-2554
Candice Williams Kindergarten 759-2551
Rayann Bernard First Grade 759-2512
Mary Huck First Grade 759-2511
Britney Hutchison First Grade 759-2515
Lori Machen First Grade 759-2516
Maria McKenna First Grade 759-2514
Kimberly Searcy First Grade 759-2513
Kirstian Bryant Second Grade 759-2518
Heather Farrington Second Grade 759-2521
Alison Friar Second Grade 759-2517
Jena Johnston Second Grade 759-2519
Jamie Kneffley Second Grade 759-2522
Amy Robinson Second Grade 759-2520
Ashleigh Jackson Third Grade 759-2527
  Third Grade 759-2530
Brandy Pelletier  Third Grade 759-2525
Heather Sinagra Third Grade 759-2529
Jessica Tyree Third Grade 759-2528
Karla Greene Fourth Grade 759-2536
Jamie Jones Fourth Grade 759-2534
Lisa Whitman Fourth Grade 759-2533
Katie Causey Fourth Grade 759-2537
Marilynn Singleton Fourth Grade 759-2535
Jocelynn Graham Fifth Grade 759-2540
Wendy Johnston Fifth Grade 759-2541
Lisa Kavanaugh Fifth Grade 759-2542
April Murphy Fifth Grade 759-2539
Amber Pierce Fifth Grade 759-2544
Laurie Chaffin PE 759-2567
Jenny Clark Art 759-2565
Emily Cryer Library 759-2560
David Johnson PE 759-
Laurie Salvail STEAM 759-2564
Joley Scott Multiple grades 759-2509
Toni Sellers Multiple grades 759-2532
Tammy Reyna Multiple grades 759-2549
Lindsay Salter Multiple grades 759-